• Being Healthy And Fit Even After 40

    The world is overcrowded with weight loss programs and thanks to the great access to information that is the internet, everyone can find some sort of workout program claiming to the “the best”. These programs are also littered with “clinically proven” or from a trainer with a Ph. D in physical therapy. While being able to access these programs is fantastic, no longer having to rely on ‘As Seen on TV’ gimmicks, a lot of the information out there can be lost in translation. Worse yet, how do you know which one of those programs fits your needs? It is possible that someone can belong to a certain group of people where a specific program is better suited than a more common workout.

    Healthy Woman After 40

    On top of that, most programs require the trainee to perform more maneuverable or intense workouts that are intended for younger people. Some weight loss after 40 programs require you to workout for more than an hour, definitely not something that’s possible for anyone over 40. This drops the motivation for  someone  who is starting or wanting to  live a healthier lifestyle or even worse, cause injury to those who attempt it. These programs fail because they do not take into consideration those with a slightly more advanced age.

    There is a solution to all of the above. Old School New Body System is a program that fits the life of the 40+ range. It includes diets and workouts that fit your age and time. The entire program is concentrated to pinpoint the issues and questions that one may have for the demographics. The program discusses everything, from pains and aches to the amount of time in each workout that is both safe and efficient for your body.

    Included in the program is an easy to read, five step guide to eating that fits your workout and life and also specific workouts. The diet aspect  is not your typical eating. While most common diets concentrate on low fat meals, Old School New Body System helps the user understand that not all fats are bad and in fact must be included in our daily diets for a healthier life. For example, you will learn that the “good fats” introduced in the program plays an essential role in feeling young and having a youthful body that is possible for older people. The information found in the Old School New Body ebook is explained in easy to understand language, no jargon to confuse. It also includes excellent nutritional  facts for the foods that will help in your new lifestyle.

    The next two parts of the program will help users will get an understanding that joining a gym is not needed to reach the desired fitness goals you’re aiming for. In fact, the program explains that long workouts at the gym can actually be harmful for those 35 and over. The other is the F4X system, created by Steve Holman himself. They are simple workout programs that are divided into three sections: Lean, Tone, and Build. The end result will be a healthier, more physical you.

    As we progress in age, health and youth becomes ever more important. Each stage of the F4X System, along with the educational food aspect of Old School New Body, will help you achieve this feeling. The end result will be a stronger, healthier person with increase confidence and outlook in life.